RIP Sancho 2005-2019

I’ll start with the sad news. We had to put our dog Sancho down. He had his fourteenth birthday in January, which put him well into his nineties in dog years. He rather suddenly started refusing food and most water and became unable to walk. We spent a weekend carrying him outside to pee and I don’t think he was in pain. On Monday we arranged for a hospice vet to make a house call and she confirmed he had something neurological wrong with him, possibly a brain tumor or a stroke. We made the decision to let him go and the vet gently gave him a series of drugs that made him relaxed, then sleepy, and then he died quietly in our arms. Sancho had a terror of the vet, so I am glad he was spared a stressful car trip. He was our good boy since 2005. Poor Phoebe is confused and spent a day watching out the back door, expecting him to come inside.

Sancho in 2017

A New Commute

In other news, I’ve started running to work, two days a week. (Weather permitting.) In October, my office moved to a suburban location over four miles from my house and on the other side of a busy, eight-lane road. I dislike being dependent on a car and I also hate that driving all the way to work every day has been making my weight creep up. Then I noticed that the eight lane road actually has a sidewalk on the median, so you can cross four lanes, proceed up the median until you’re past the dangerous on/off ramps to the 250 bypass, and then cross the other four lanes. I chose to run because it takes forever to walk 4.5 miles. I stage my runs by bringing clean clothes and a packed lunch the day before. I have shower wipes and dry shampoo in my desk. I am not a fast runner, but I can cover the distance in about 49 minutes and I am going to work on building up speed. For the commute home, I take the bus downtown. I’m lucky that there’s a bus stop right in front of my building and if I sneak out of work two minutes early, I can hop on the number 8 bus with no wait and even factoring in the .9 mile walk from the bus station, I’m home only a few minutes later than if I’d driven.

Kitchen Update

The kitchen doesn’t look any different, but we’ve been working with a contractor. We can’t afford to do a full kitchen all at once, so I’ve broken it down into stages. Stage one is to add two additional windows to the kitchen and knock down the wall between the kitchen and the old dining room. The new windows are officially ordered. They take about six weeks to come in and then it’s a matter of our contractor fitting us into his schedule. The purpose of stage one is to bring more light into the room and to have one large kitchen and dining space. We are currently using an old bedroom at the back of the house as the dining room, but once the wall comes down, we’ll move all the dining room furniture back to the original dining room.

There will be three windows, centered over the sink
I haaaate the pass-through between the kitchen and the old dining room.
Can’t wait to get rid of that wall.