Progress on the Small Bedroom


I haven’t had as much time as I’d like to work on this room because I’ve been spending most Saturday afternoons volunteering for the Leslie Cockburn campaign. She’s the democrat running for congress in my district. Still, slowly but surely it’s moving along. It NEEDS to be done by Thanksgiving. Since my last update, I’ve painted the new shelves and painted the floor. I donated the bed to the local Habitat for Humanity store and scheduled a large item pickup for the mattress. I used Benjamin Moore’s timid white on the floor and I really like it, and I also am pleased with the Simply White that I put on the walls. I’m not so sure about how the Super White trim looks up against these other two whites, but it’s basically fine. The warm whites on the floor and walls really do brighten the space and make it seem bigger.

The shelves after painting. The current state of the books is a temporary arrangement.


Floor with one coat of paint


Floor with two coats of paint


Three coats


Fourth coat is the charm

The white paint actually makes the hallway brighter too.

Meanwhile, I searched Craigslist and eBay for an antique 3/4 size bed. I found a couple of potential beds on Craigslist, but the first person I contacted never responded and I threw up my hands and decided to try antique shops. I have the worst luck with Craigslist, both buying and selling. Mainly people just flake and either don’t show or don’t return emails and I’m kind of done with it. One Sunday, Jon and I drove out to the Tuckahoe Antiques mall in Nelson County, which did have antique beds, but some were the wrong size, or if they were the right size, had tall posts that wouldn’t fit under the shelves I’d already built. And then, in the furthest corner of the attic, hidden behind many other items, I spotted a sweet little Jenny Lind spool bed – 53″ wide, which is just the right size for the 55″ wide bed nook. There was a tiny bit of confusion when I tried to buy it because the price tag was missing and it appeared that one of the rails was missing. (We found it after a dedicated search.)

Headboard of the new bed, in its new space.

A standard full size mattress is 54″ wide, so I cut 1 X 4 foot boards into 54″ widths and attached them with a staple gun to nylon webbing. This makes a platform that the mattress can sit on. The actual mattress box for this bed is only 51″,  but I don’t think the overhang will be noticeable, especially once the sheets and quilts are added.

Mattress platform

Meanwhile, these are two dressers that I saw at the antiques shop, that I’m considering. Of course, who knows if they’ll still be there when I return.

This one is from the 1700s and I love that there’s a hinged lid. Only the bottom two drawers are functional. The rest is a deep chest.


This one is not as old and is much cheaper. It looks right and the wood is similar to the bed’s.


Meanwhile, the upstairs is very messy so I’m ready to wrap up this project.


The old mattress performs one last service. It sat out at the curb like this for two days.