The brick path is progressing ever so slowly. Not fast enough to share any pictures, but the gravel level is somewhat higher. I had hoped to be ready to add the sand layer by the first of August, but did not meet that goal. At the rate this project is going, it will be a full year from the start before it’s complete.  We have had stupendous amounts of rain lately, which have prevented me from working on it. And now a tantalizing new project just occurred to me.

Uncensored view of the small bedroom.

We just moved Seamus, my youngest child, into his first off-campus apartment. He is starting his second year at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond. It has been my experience that once your child moves into a real apartment, they never come home, or at least not for longer than a few months. Seamus’ bedroom, which he formerly shared with Ian, is badly in need of attention. Not that I’m going to fully kick him out, but I really want to get in there and paint and clean and redecorate a bit. The usually tedious drive home from Richmond the other night, after dropping off Seamus and his bike, went by in a flash as I imagined the possibilities for this room. I’m absolutely giddy. I’m thinking a fresh, all-white look would brighten it up as it’s the darkest room in the house – facing north with only one tree-shaded window.

View from the window, looking out to the hall and bathroom.


I told you this room was dark.

Another looming project is a sort of pre-renovation for the kitchen. We aren’t ready yet to do the full kitchen project, but I recently found my “forever shelves” that I can install now, and reuse when we’re ready to really do the kitchen. I ordered the first, (largest and most important) shelving unit and it is currently on a ship, making its slow way across the Atlantic from England. I can’t wait to show it to you when it arrives!