Above are some “before” pictures of the interior of the house. That messy closet will be torn out as well as the door at the end of the hall and the ceiling, which will be raised to 8′–it’s currently less than 7′.

Slight set-back. We drove up to Mountain Lumber today. This is a business that sells remilled antique lumber for use as flooring, mantles, whatever. We bought flooring there on sale, six years ago, and wanted more for our addition. We brought a few leftover boards to show what we’d bought originally, and the salesman was able to pull up the record of our original sale in the computer.

Once he’d replaced his eyeballs, he said, “You really got a good deal on that wood.” Back in 2000, we paid $1 per square foot for antique re-milled heart pine. Today, the price for the same wood is $11, and we need to buy 100 square feet. I was prepared for a price increase, but not such a huge one. We decided to think it over, and stopped at the Hell that is Lowe’s on a Saturday afternoon to look at their wood flooring. It’s much cheaper, but it’s also of execrable quality. We have Mountain Lumber’s price list, and I think we’ll end up buying a lesser grade of their antique heart pine.